Roll-on Roll-off Units

  • Services:

  • Bulk waste transportation of both dry hazardous and non-hazardous waste

  • 22, 28 & 31 cubic metre containers with rear entry access

  • Drum cleaners equipped with side flaps allowing for easy forklift loading

  • Containers are suited for compactible waste eg. paper, plastic, cardboards, tins etc.

  • Non-compactable waste eg. wood & garden refuse

  • Non-hazardous waste


  • Placing containers

  • Lifting containers : single / double combinations

  • We offer flexibility of service

  • Call for service
  • Regular service

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • As required



  • Day and night shift services are available 7 days a week

  • Light and easy to wheel around

  • Lids make the bin hygienic, prevents mess, odours and pests

  • 240lt bins can hold approximately four black plastic bags

  • Waste becomes compacted which helps save space

  • Bins are made from long lasting polyethylene which is heat, frost, chemical and UV resistant

  • Rounded corners and smooth surfaces make the containers hygienic and aesthetically pleasing

  • Rubber tyres make handling of the bin quick and efficient

  • Commercial and domestic bins available

  • Ideal for business and residential complexes

  • 240lt wheel bins can be purchased outright and are available in a selection of colours for separation of waste at source